Exfoliate And White Scars?

Hello, .. more than a week ago my wrist was scalded, at first just blushed but finally blisters were large, cracked and now after my skin is peeling off the scars are white and quite wide 🙁 Can it return to normal, and how to treat it? yes? Is it safe if I apply handbody or direct contact with water when bathing?

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Hello Anis, Thank you for your question.

In general, healing of burns depends on the severity. Burns can heal within 7 days to several months. When healed, the color of the skin on the burned area can be changed, become white (hypopigmentation) or darker (hyperpigmentation). Scars that turn white occur because burns occur deeper and damage skin pigment cells while scars that become darker are caused by skin pigment cells that overreact to these burns. These scars may not heal properly and become colored like normal skin. It is recommended that you avoid direct sunlight because this scar area will be more sensitive to sunlight for several months. Feel free to wear long clothes that can cover this area or use sunscreen when traveling outside the home. If the wound is already dry, this area can contact with water while bathing and can use lotion.

Hopefully this information helps you.

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