Exfoliation On The Skin On The Palm?

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, lately every time I wash my palms skin peeling like a skin change, but if the skin is really dry it doesn’t look peeling … even though I didn’t get a detergent because I washed it using a machine … it’s been about a month later … why is that?

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Exfoliation on the skin of the palms often signifies moisture to the affected skin. This can be triggered one of them by irritation. Not only detergents, other substances, such as soap, perfume, certain skin care products (for example if you use face or body cream), etc. can also trigger this irritation. In addition to irritation, skin moisture can also be disturbed due to other causes, such as exposure to dry air and excessive sunlight, allergies, side effects of drugs, dehydration, and so on.

Some other skin conditions, for example fungal infections, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, burns, atopic dermatitis, xerosis, etc. can also cause dry skin so it is prone to peeling.

This condition, although generally harmless, should still be examined directly by a doctor or dermatologist. Moreover, if it has happened long enough (more than 1 week). It is feared, your condition reflects a more serious disease and needs further management. Excessive peeling of the skin is also more at risk of secondary infection making it more difficult to handle.

In the meantime, you can first do the trick below:

Do not exfoliate or scrub the skin that is peeling off
Take a shower with a moisturizing bath product
Use a moisturizer and sunblock before activating
Choose clothes that are made from soft and not tight
Do not carelessly let the skin in contact with substances that might trigger allergies or irritations
Always maintain personal and environmental hygiene
Drink water and eat more runny fruit
Avoid excessive use of air conditioners or fans
Do not carelessly use skin care products, consult your doctor first

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