Exhaust Scars?

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Illustration: Exhaust Scars? dermatix.asia

Exhaust scars are dry, and dry scars are hard, so when exposed to the exhaust muffler does not blister, do you have to peel or leave it alone?

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Hello VargenT,

Thank you for the question.

Contact with hot exhausts can cause skin burns that vary in size and degree of severity. Frequently, if the wound is dry, not festering, and does not also cause annoying complaints (for example pain, swelling, pale or redness, fever, or chills), burns due to contact with this muffler are no longer dangerous. You do not need to forcibly exfoliate your skin that has just healed from a burn. It is feared, exfoliating the skin that has not healed completely is prone to cause irritation to secondary infections in burns that are more difficult to cure.

Even a blister burn is not always an abnormal thing. This burns not blister may be caused by a damaged outer layer of skin. This does not clearly refer to a disease.

The best steps you need to do right now are:

Always keep yourself clean and your surroundings well
Clean your burns using sterile gauze soaked with IV fluids
Take care when driving so that you no longer come into contact with hot exhausts
Do not handle burn scars with dirty hands
Use loose and comfortable clothes
Not carelessly taking drugs without doctor's advice

However, if the above efforts have not been successful in alleviating or overcoming the burns that you have experienced before, it is good for you to check yourself directly to the doctor or the child's specialist doctor.

I hope this helps.

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