Experience Weight Loss Accompanied By Body Fatigue?

Illustration of Experience Weight Loss Accompanied By Body Fatigue?
Illustration: Experience Weight Loss Accompanied By Body Fatigue? healthline.com

I experienced some weight loss. Suddenly, my anus was like a nodule, my urine felt painful, my throat hurt when I swallowed, my body felt tired easily, and my tongue was exposed to hot water, this symptom made me feel. afraid, and losing the spirit of life, what are these symptoms actually, thank you

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Hello Ikko

The symptoms that Ikko seems to be quite a lot, but do not immediately be discouraged, because these symptoms have not specifically led to a particular disease. So Ikko don't immediately assume that you are experiencing a serious and serious illness, but Ikko is advised to consult a doctor directly so that further tests can be carried out to dig up more information so that the doctor can find out the cause of the various symptoms that Ikko is experiencing. .

Symptoms such as weight loss, presence of nodules in the anal area, urination, pain, sore throat and swallowing, tongue feels hot, and fatigue can easily be caused by various medical conditions

Weight loss can occur by:

Gastrointestinal infections and diarrhea, so that the body loses fluids and absorption of food nutrients is reduced Hormonal disorders, such as hyperthyroidism (excessive thyroid hormone levels) Diabetes Psychological problems such as depression Viral infections such as Cytomegalovirus and HIV Cancer Some things that can cause the presence of a network like a nodule in the rectal area

Hemorrhoid / hemorrhoids Skin tags, or what are known as small-sized meats, are usually harmless and do not develop cancer. Pruritus ani is a condition in which itching in the rectal area can be caused by various factors such as long diarrhea, too rough in washing the rectum after defecation, sexually transmitted diseases, contracting pinworms, fungal infections, diets, thyroid disorders Genital warts Anal cancer Throat pain, swallowing pain, and hot tongue can be caused by

Inflammation caused by gastric acid (reflux stomach acid) Lack of vitamin B12 and or Vitamin B9 (folic acid) Fungal infections Diabetes thyroid disorders Psychological disorders, such as excessive anxiety or depression While the body easily feels tired can occur due to

Anemia Hypoglycemia (too low blood sugar levels) Dehydration Lack of sleep or precisely because of sleeping too long, or it could be because they have sleep disorders / problems such as insomenia, and sleep apnea conditions Malnutrition Impaired thyroid hormone balance Side effects from the habit of consuming alcohol and or use of narcotics Diabetes Infection, ranging from minor infections such as causes of colds to serious infections such as HIV Cancer Seeing quite a lot of possibilities that can be considered for symptoms of Ikko's natural, then Ikko needs to consult a doctor first so that doctors can dig more a lot of information that proves what factors are causing the complaints being experienced by Ikko.

Some suggestions to do are:

Be sure to eat regularly 3 times a day Eat a balanced nutritious meal Manage stress appropriately Get enough rest and make sure you get a good night's sleep for about 8 hours. Hopefully useful

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