Explanation And Difference Between Hyperactivity And ADHD?

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is hyperactivity the same as ADHD?

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Hyperactivity with ADHD is a different matter. Hyperactivity is a condition where the child is always active and unable to stay still, often looking like an excess of energy. Meanwhile, ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a mental disorder / brain development in someone that causes a child / someone to have hyperactive, impulsive (acting without thinking / spontaneously), and difficulty focusing his attention.

ADHD often has learning disabilities, learning disabilities, difficulty spelling, reading and writing or math skills. The symptoms have started to appear since childhood.

Hyperactive children usually:

can't sit still
hard to keep quiet
always in motion
can't sit still

ADHD is usually different from hyperactive children:

often get tired easily when standing and immediately want to sit down
easily distracted
it's hard to focus on one thing
not looking at the face

Not all children who have difficulty concentrating or children who are overly active have ADHD. To ensure the condition that your child is experiencing, you should do further tests directly to the pediatrician or to a psychiatrist. The treatment of hyperactive children with ADHD is different, in addition to requiring special therapy in interacting with them, treatment is needed, whereas hyperactive children usually use different ways of teaching, applying discipline, inviting activities by also arranging rest periods, proper communication according to the child's condition . If you have trouble dealing with hyperactive children, you can consult a psychologist or psychiatrist.

read about how to deal with hyperactive children, ADHD

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