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Sorry I want to ask, My child is now 23 months or 2 years less than 1 month. Until now there has been no further immunization, because months after 18 months he often coughs colds with high heat, and my child has a history of seizures when the heat is high, so until now I have not given further immunization. My question is, is it okay if until now it has not advanced immunization? And is it still possible and is there a time and age limit to carry out these advanced immunizations? Thank you, sorry too long the question 😊

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Good evening, thanks for the question

Entering the age of 18 months children need repeat immunizations to increase children's immunity against dangerous infectious diseases. Among the repeat immunizations are DPT, measles / MMR, and polio. For repeat DPT immunization, a 1 year interval is given from the last basic DPT, namely DPT 3. If the DPT immunization is late, whatever the delay interval, do not repeat from the beginning, but continue immunization according to schedule. DPT 4 immunization must be given before the child turns 4 years old.

Then, if your child is now getting measles or MMR immunization only, then MMR immunization is needed once as a test before the age of 6 years. Then for polio immunization which should be after basic immunization is given, the test is given at the age of 18 months. If the polio immunization is late, do not repeat the gift from the beginning, but continue and complete it according to schedule, no matter what the delay interval from the previous administration.

Carry out further consultations with pediatricians to plan for immunization.

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