Explanation Of Breast Ultrasound Results?

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Hello, I just used to ask mammae, but I still don’t understand the explanation, please explain, yes:) Mamma sinistra at 7 o’clock, the shadows of the anechoic lesions are relatively well-defined rather oval sized 18x9x16mm, parallel to the surface, and look mild posterior enhancement and color flow is not looked vascular. Mamma dextra at 5 o’clock, looked hypoekhoik lesions with fairly firm boundary, only partially uneven, sized 12x7x11mm, parallel to the cutis, not accompanied by posterior shadowing and also not vascularized. oval 14x5x12mm, posterior acoustic enhancement is weak, parallel with cutis and not vascularized.

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Hello Lutfi,

Thank you for the question.

Mammary ultrasound is usually done to see the appearance of a mass or lump in the breast, especially to determine the density of the mass, whether cysts (fluid-filled sacs) or solid mass, which will be associated with a benign / malignant tendency in that mass. Cystic masses / cysts tend to be benign, while solid masses tend to be malignant and require further examination to determine the degree of malignancy.

Ultrasound is a technique of taking pictures on the inside of the body using sound waves with high frequency, so that the appearance obtained is interpreted with ecogenity, namely the level of sound wave penetration of the mass / body structure being viewed, and several other aspects such as enhancement, mass limits vascularity or blood vessels.

On mammary ultrasound, cyst appearance can be seen hypoekhoik or anekhoik with exterior enhancement, well-demarcated, and no vascularity. Conversely, in solid masses which tend to be malignant, various patterns can be seen, such as hypoechoics which can be seen hyperechoic or anechoic parts, indefinite boundaries, and vascularization. So, it is possible that from the results you mentioned, some of the mass seen on mammary ultrasound is a cyst formation.

However, you should also consult with your surgeon for the interpretation of the results of the ultrasound, because the results of ultrasound cannot be interpreted alone without the clinical signs that you have. Keep in mind that ultrasound is only a supplementary examination, and to diagnose a condition, the doctor needs to dig up a history of your condition and also do a physical examination. The doctor may suggest you to carry out further tests such as biopsy, and the doctor will determine further treatment for your condition.

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