Explanation Of Cervical Biopsy Results?

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kmren my biopsy results came out, with the following explanationMachroscopic: several fragmented pieces of tissue volume of approximately 0.5 cc, a little black color of blood clots and fragile mucus, springy. Microscopic: a cervical sedan in the form of a partial tissue fragment in the form of a pool of extracellular mucin outside, found endocervical tissue fragments partially form micropapyl coated by secretory column epithelium. Subepithelial appearance of the rasmus endocervical gland surrounded by edematic fibrocolagen connective tissue of neutrophil inflammation cells, lymphocytes and plasma cells. No malignant signs were found in this preparation. Impression: chronic endocervicitis with papillary endocervical reparative change. Topography: 53.9

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The cervical biopsy results indicate chronic (long-term) inflammation in the inside of the cervix. The cervix is ​​the lowest part of the uterus that is connected to the vagina. Cervical inflammation can be caused by infections (most often due to sexually transmitted infections, such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomonas, etc.) or non-infections (such as irritation or allergies). Signs of this disease include: pain during sexual intercourse, frequent urination, back pain, pelvic pain / lower abdomen, may be accompanied by fever, discharge smelled and colored, bleeding outside of menstruation. Long-term inflammation of the cervix can cause fertility problems and fetal problems when you are pregnant (more risk of premature labor).

It is recommended to bring the results to the doctor who sent you for examination. The doctor will clinically evaluate the Sister and the biopsy results and provide appropriate therapy. If there are indications, the doctor will suggest smear examination of cervical vaginal discharge to see if there are specific bacteria such as gonorrhea, trichomonas, chlamydia, etc. For the time being it is advisable to avoid using tampons or contraceptives (condoms made from latex, IUDs / IUDs, spermicides used during intercourse because they include substances that are at risk of causing allergies / irritants), it is advisable not to clean the vagina with a cleaning solution (because it will kill bacteria good as a vaginal defense against bad bacteria), it is also advisable to wash the vagina from front to back.

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