Explanation Of Chest X-ray Examination?

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Explanation for your chest X-ray:

cast or another term for the heart: normal
pulmo or lung: the pathway of blood vessels in the lungs looks normal, there are no signs of infection, holes, or abnormal mass in the lungs, there is no enlarged lymph nodes in the lung mediastinal area
sinus cosctophrenicus or the lower end of the lung is normal, meaning that it does not look dull due to the presence of fluid
hemidiafragma or lower part of the lung that borders the normal abdominal cavity (not rising or descending)
the ribs and sternum look intact or have no fractures
Throraks wall soft tissue means soft tissue such as skin and muscles in the chest area look normal

In conclusion, your chest X-ray is normal

If all normal disease what can be removed?

There are so many diseases that can be eliminated, including:

lung disorders such as lung infections (pneumonia), tuberculosis, bronchitis, cancer / lung tumors, lung abscesses, pulmonary atelectasis, pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary edema, pneumothorax, pleural effusion, etc.
disorders of the heart such as enlargement of the heart (cardiomegaly), pericardial effusion, certain congenital abnormalities of the heart, aortic aneurysm, calcium deposits in large blood vessels of the heart, etc.
disorders of the bone or soft tissue such as broken bones, pneumomediastinum, etc.

What diseases are not detected by chest X-ray?

Obviously very much because the chest X-ray only sees organs in the chest cavity. If the disease is in the head, eyes, ears, mouth, neck, thyroid gland, organs in the abdominal cavity (for example diseases of the stomach, intestine, pancreas, liver, spleen, bile duct, kidney, etc.), reproductive tract, legs, spine , joints, reproductive organs, blood, etc., certainly will not be seen on the chest X-ray.

We recommend that you bring your chest X-ray results back to the doctor who requested an examination so that a more complete evaluation can be associated with the symptoms that you experience.

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