Explanation Of CT Scan Examination?

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Afternoon, I did a CT scan at a hospital. The results are as follows: – Visible hyperdense lesions pafa Cerebellum dextra (classification) – Sulcus corticalis and Sylvil fissures appear normal- Ventricular system and the system appear normal- Mid line shifting (-) – Poris and The cerebellum looks normal. Impression: Suspect minimal bleeding in the Occipital lobe What do you mean by that? The neurologist from the hospital said it was normal, but my parents were summoned and tried to declare if I was a drug user. Even though I never used drugs, urine test results at school also negative. After the examination I was often prescribed alprazolam, whereas I was not fit and kept sleepy when taking alprazolam. Because I was traumatized, I chose not to check back at the doctor until now. It has been happening for 7 years, and arrived “I again found the CT Scan test results and was curious. Before I was prescribed kutoin, I had a few what is a history of drug allergy and the treating doctor does not believe it. After drinking Kutoin my skin blistered, when I returned to the doctor again I was blamed. Since then I was traumatized by the doctor so I moved to the hospital and changed the doctor. Sometimes I still felt not understand why the CT Scan test results said that there was no problem but my parents were called in and bad accusations were pointed at me without clarification. Just because of my expressive appearance and my appearance style because I imitated a cartoon character (anime). Sorry, I’m still curious when remembering that experience, is there something wrong with the CT Scan.

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Hello. Thank you for the question submitted to HealthReplies.com. We can understand the concern you feel.

What are the symptoms experienced by the patient during the CT scan? Are there symptoms such as one-sided bodily weakness or loss of consciousness?

The data you submitted is the result of a head CT scan. In these data, it is thought that there is a possibility of minimal bleeding in the occipital lobe of the brain, but the bleeding does not appear to cause a shift in the midline of the brain structure. Nevertheless, it should be understood that CT scan is only a supplementary examination so that the interpretation requires clinical information obtained through history taking and physical examination by the doctor who treats the patient directly. We recommend that you consult directly with the neurologist who is treating the patient in order to get a proper evaluation of the patient's condition and the treatment needed. Doctors who deal with patients directly certainly have more complete clinical information about patients so that it is more authorized to submit an explanation of the individual patient's condition.

Thus information from us. Hopefully always healthy. May be useful.

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