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morning. I want to ask about the CT scan results. ct scan results of my head, – suspicion of acute infarction in the sinistra pons. – Overview of bilateral mastoiditis. is there any connection with my ears that are often thump thump … thigh thank you .. greetings …

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A CT scan that provides information on the area of ​​the brain stem punch and the presence of bilateral mastoiditis is a condition that can affect the function of the brain stem and can also be at risk of causing ear complaints that you feel.

The puncher is part of the brain stem, which functions to:

1. regulate breathing

2. sensory information

3. regulate the sleep cycle

4. alertness

While the brain stem generally functions to help regulate heartbeat, hearing, vision, reflexes, breathing, and awareness. The presence of a punct infarction shows that there is damage to brain stem tissue in the pons caused by impaired blood circulation, one of which is due to obstruction of blood flow in the pons area which causes the supply of oxygen and food to the brain is not optimal, causing necrosis or damage. This is also called a stroke stroke. This condition can also be accompanied by comorbid complaints such as eye movement disorders, cerebral nerve paralysis, and sensory disorders. However, this requires further evaluation and identification by your neurologist.

While bilateral mastoiditis is an inflammation of the bone cavity around your ear. This condition can be caused by an infection or complications from an ear infection that you have previously experienced. Patients with mastoiditis may experience comorbid complaints in the form of:

1. ear pain

2. hearing loss

3. tinnitus or noisy sounds that are heard alone

4. swelling

Thus, it is best that the results of the CT scan that you get are consulted directly with your neurologist and / or ENT doctor. Because doctors who refer to this examination better understand your clinical condition and the results of examinations that have been done. The doctor will plan further examinations to help manage and restore this medical condition. Thus, treatment can be given immediately to prevent further complications.

Some things you need to consider to prevent risk factors that make this complaint even more severe are:

1. avoid cigarettes

2. avoid sleeping late

3. ideal weight

4. control of cholesterol or other underlying diseases, such as diabetes, blood cholesterol, or heart disease

5. do exercise according to your doctor's orders

6. Take care of ear health and immediately examine the ear or respiratory tract complaints

Thus the info we can convey.

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