Explanation Of CT Scan Results In The Brain?

Hello doctor, I want to ask how do I read the results of CT scan infarction in bilateral lateral periventricles, especially the left and left side punches?

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Infarction is a condition where tissue damage occurs in the brain due to reduced blood flow to the brain caused by blocked blood flow to the area. As for hemorrhagic (bleeding) is the rupture of blood vessels in the brain, causing blood flow to the brain to be interrupted or reduced. Generally this situation occurs in strokes, which are divided into stoke infarction and hemorrhagic stroke.

Based on the results of the examination appear infarction picture, which means there is a blockage in blood vessels in the second part of the lateral periventricle, especially on the left and on the left side of the pons.

Examination of the results of this CT-Scan radiology cannot be interpreted singly, but by physical examination and question and answer for complaints felt by the patient. For this reason it should be checked again and bring the results of radiology to the neurologist, for further examination.

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