Explanation Of Drugs That Can Cause Death?

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want to ask, what drugs can cause death, namely: platelets, insulin, and antimetabolites and what substances are contained in these drugs that can cause death ,?

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Hi Lapandi,

We will briefly explain the function of the drugs or the terms you are using above.

1. Platelets, not a type of medicine. Platelets are important blood cells that play a role in normal blood clotting. The platelet that you are referring to could simply be a platelet transfusion, which is indicated for a life-threatening platelet drop. Of course, these platelets are not the cause of death, but rather help sufferers who are in severe condition.

2. Insulin, is an injection that works to lower blood sugar. Used for diabetics, especially those whose blood sugar levels are difficult to control, and diabetics who experience complications. Its use should not result in death. As with any drug, death can result from improper use, allergic reactions and from the disease itself.

3. Antimetabolites are a type of cancer drug. Serves to help kill cancer cells.

Death can be caused by many things, most often the result of disease itself. Medicines can only cause death if used inappropriately, or if an allergic reaction occurs that is unexpected and cannot be treated immediately.

Discuss with your doctor directly about the cause of death that you see so that the condition is clearer.

That's the explanation, hope it helps.

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