Explanation Of ECG Examination Results In Men Aged 30 Years?

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Good evening doctor, my name is dwi, ​​my husband is a soldier aged 30 years, from the ecg examination results obtained crbbb readings, but my husband did not have any complaints, I asked if there were other investigations to follow up that my husband had to do for the diagnosis. , and what is the prognosis from the future crbbb, thank you

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Hello Dwie,

Electrocardiogram (ECG / ECG) is an examination to assess the electrical picture of the heart where this examination is used to detect electrical signals that provide information about the heart in the form of heart rate, heart rhythm, the existence of disturbances in the heart such as changes in the structure of the heart muscle, or to assess the presence or absence of obstacles on the heart or to assess the picture of a heart attack or not simply.

ECG examination itself is a supporting examination in which the results must be converted with other examinations both interviews about symptoms that arise, physical examination and other investigations. On some ECG machines there can be interpretations of the results of the images that come out but still must be adjusted to the doctor who reads them because what comes out of the machine can be interpreted as a machine that can be caused by some disturbances / artifacts when recording, therefore, back to the doctor who check the condition of your husband to be matched with other examinations.

In addition to the ECG examination, other tests can be performed to support or further examine the condition of the heart such as a treadmill test, echocardiogram, x-rays, and also a blood lab or further scans with angiography if needed.

RBBB itself is anright bundle branch block, which is an obstacle in the file from the right atrium of the heart can be caused by heart or lung organs. Other causes themselves can be in the form of heart blood vessel disorders, heart valve disorders and others but it can also be a normal variant of the heart. RBBB itself can be complete or complete RBBB depending on the blockage that occurs. Prognosis also needs to be reassured by assessing the patient's condition and also other factors that can trigger the onset of heart disease or disease.

For the future, of course, it is necessary to maintain a healthy heart and body to stay healthy by not smoking, getting enough rest, maintaining normal blood pressure, maintaining blood lipid levels, avoiding excess body weight, exercising regularly, reducing salt intake and also managing stress well.

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