Explanation Of ECG Examination Results?

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My doctor yesterday did a medical check-up for my job requirements at around 21 years old. There was an EKG examination and my EKG results that I knew were 170. During the examination I was also a little tense / scared like that. Please explain and the solution. Thank you

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com. ECG examination is an examination conducted to determine the heart's performance, rhythm and detect if there are abnormalities in the heart. The results of the ECG examination are a pattern printed on a special sheet and from there the doctor will judge the meaning of the pattern.

So regarding your question, the actual results from the ECG are more than just numbers. With the number 170 you mentioned, it's likely that the number means the number of heartbeats per minute. However, this number is very abnormal, unless you do an ECG test while walking or running on a treadmill, which is called a treadmill test.

A person's normal heart rate is in the range of 60-100 times per minute. In people who exercise regularly, the figure can be lower than that up to 40 times per minute. With the number 170, this could indicate a certain heart disease, because even the tension should not be that much, maybe only about 100-120 times per minute.

Our advice, you should consult your examination results again to the doctor who treats you and ask how the results are in his opinion and future plans. With a direct check, misunderstandings can be avoided and the handling can be more precise. In the meantime, avoid strenuous activities, smoking, coffee and alcohol consumption. So, hopefully answering your question.

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