Explanation Of ENT Examination Results?

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Illustration: Explanation Of ENT Examination Results? houstonent.com

I finished the medical check-up for this list … THT result: T1-T1 TK What does that mean? Please explain, thank you

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ENT examination consists of examination of the ear, nose, and throat. On a complete examination will be sorted so that it can be explored abnormalities that may be experienced

Examination of the throat usually starts from the outermost organs up to a few in the examination that is done.

- Lips: shape, size, abnormality, dry
- Mouth angle:: wound, dry
- Tongue: position, speech ability, ability to swallow, movement, mucosa
- Palate: wound, mucosal lining
- Deep cheek lining: wounds, mucous lining
- Uvula: movement, location (organ in the middle of the mouth)
- Tonsils: the size is classified by size T0 to 4, mucosa, location, color

Does it not appear to have usually been removed by tonsillectomy

T1 is a normal fit size that is <25% of the width of the oral cavity

T2 is a larger size that is 25-50% of the width of the oral cavity

T3 is a measure of 50 - 75% of the width of the deep oral cavity, sometimes symptoms of obstruction begin to appear on the airway

T4 is a size> 75% of the width of the deep oral cavity, sometimes the symptoms begin to obstruct the airway

Enlarged tonsils will usually become a blockage in the airway so that it is disturbing for air flow, usually the symptoms that arise are snoring sleep, often waking up during sleep because there is a condition of lack of oxygen. This is often triggered by a viral or bacterial infection condition.

- Tasting function test
Examination of the ear is of the auricle (wound, tenderness, discharge), ear canal (wound, earwax, foreign body, fluid), eardrum), the back of the ear (bumps, aches, wounds), and tests hearing function.

Examination of the nose is the external nose (wounds, tenderness, discharge), nasal burrow (sores, bumps, tenderness), nasal obstruction, and olfactory function.

More information can be read in the following article: when you need to see a ENT doctor

Thus the information we can convey. May be useful. Thank you

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