Explanation Of Eye Health Test Results?

Assalamualaiku .., I had a health test then I can see the od 5/60 then the os os 1 / a that’s what I mean

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Sharp examination of vision or vision is to determine whether someone's visibility is classified as normal or not. The tool commonly used is a table that contains a series of letters or symbols called snellen charts.

The test will be carried out on each eye alternately to see sharp eyesight. Normal sharp vision is 6/6 sickness of normal people in seeing the letters or symbols at a distance of 6 meters and you can also see from a distance of 6 meters.

If the sharp vision you have is 5/60, it means that you can see the letter or the symbol from a distance of 5 meters while in normal people should be seen from a distance of 60 meters. For sharp vision 1 / infinity is meant you can see letters or symbols from a distance of 1 meter whereas in normal people can be seen from a great distance (infinity)

A sharp decrease in vision indicates that disturbances in vision can be caused by refractory disorders such as nearsightedness or it can also be due to a disturbance in the back of the eye for example on lenses such as cataracts.

This will be better if further consultation is carried out to the ophthalmologist so that vision can be maintained optimally.

Thus the information we can convey. May be useful. Thank you

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