Explanation Of Hepatitis C Diagnosis With Reactive HCV?

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Good night, I have not had a small operation that requires a blood sample for the lab, during the operation I was told that I had Hepatitis C, I immediately found out what hepatitis C was, after getting lots of info, I didn’t believe it because I felt I really knew the condition my body, there are no signs of hepatitis C or outline: 1. Normal life does not use illegal drugs. Not tattooed Do not have sex because not married4. Never had a blood transfusion5. Do not enter the drug fluid by injection without doctor’s handling6. Eat healthy food7. When medical check-up the place of work is still graduating.8. Old people are negative for hepatitis. Is hepatitis easily transmitted through the air? Am I among those who have fared poorly? Because the lab results stated Anti HCV = Reactive but the reference value was not active, at the Jakarta government hospital … After I read, I also did not experience the intended signs, yellow eyes, distended abdomen, pup pale white, dark urine, etc. which are listed in many articles … Does this include people with hepatitis C? If so, where can I go for further tests to find out more? What tests should I run? Thank you very much, hopefully this is just a technical error or false positive … because I really don’t believe what the doctor said at this hospital when I asked for the third time, is it true that I am hepatitis C? Then don’t answer …

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Hi Gigigi,

Hepatitis C is a disease caused by hepatitis C virus infection, as the name suggests this virus can cause inflammation of the liver (hepatitis) and can be very dangerous because hepatitis C virus infection can cause no symptoms at all and can last chronic (prolonged / prolonged) and increase the risk of cirrhosis /heart cancer. Indeed hepatitis cC can be transmitted through some of the things you mentioned above, however hepatitis C can also be transmitted through the use of toothbrushes, razors or nail clippers that are contaminated.

After getting reactive results on anti-HCV tests, further tests such as HCV RNA, liver function or hepatoscan are needed to assess infections and related organ disorders. Further tests need to be done because anti-HCV can still provide positive results even though the sufferer has recovered from hepatitis C.

In this regard you should consult directly with a specialist in the hepatology subdivision in order to get advice that suits your conditions and needs. You should also adopt a healthy lifestyle and avoid risky sexual activities or use a condom to prevent transmission to other people if you do have hepatitis C.

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dr. Budiono

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