Explanation Of HSG Examination Results (hysterosalfingography)?

Illustration of Explanation Of HSG Examination Results (hysterosalfingography)?
Illustration: Explanation Of HSG Examination Results (hysterosalfingography)? shadygrovefertility.com

Hello HealthReplies.com I want to ask please answer yes. Yesterday, on the 16th of September 2019, I conducted an HSG with this result. The water soluble contrast was inserted using a catheter through the external uterine orifice, and the contrast appeared to be smoothly filling the uterine cavum. addition shadow …. Intra uterine bublle water appear … Contrast fills the right fallopian tube to the distal, spill sign (+), does not appear in latency of the right tube, looks mild dilatation of the left distal tube Impression: Cavum uteri within normal limits Tubes bilateral patent Hidrosalpinh mild distal left tube My Kmren on the ultrasound the doctor said he had a cyst on the left side of the doctor … Please what doctor is in … thank you

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HSG examination or hysterosalphingography is a medical support measure performed using contrast coloring agents and X-rays to examine the anatomical structure and shape of the uterus and fallopian tubes that connect with the ovaries.

HSG examination is a supporting examination that needs to be adjusted to direct clinical assessment. From the information you convey, you will get the impression of the shape of the uterus within normal limits. The two fallopian tubes have no blockage, there is a widening / slight swelling in the left fallopian tubes. So that the overall impression of the uterus is within normal limits and there is mild hidrosalping in the left fallopian tubes. Hydrosalpinx is a swelling in the fallopian tube that generally contains fluid that can affect the process of sperm and egg cells meeting.

Cysts are lumps that generally contain liquid or solid particles which in this case need further evaluation related to the location of the cyst, whether on the ovary or on the uterine wall itself

Therefore, to avoid misunderstanding, it is better if you can check yourself with a gynecologist who has previously conducted a direct examination on you to discuss it in more detail

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