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8740 + … Good afternoon, Doctor. Doctor, I want to ask; What are ‘immunomodulators’ and what are the benefits for physical use? To maintain both the efficiency and effectiveness of treatment and overall physical recovery, the nature of it is on an immunomodulator itself; is it better to consume Natural Herbal Immunomodulators or Synthetic Immunomodulators? Is it available in both confessional and herbal pharmacies? To prevent and avoid autoimmune in the body, can generally be consumed as a supplement both when the patient is in recovery (treatment) and post-illness (recovery)? Are there any ingredients or ingredients needed as a patient to be more concerned with measuring and considering determining immunomodulators for the benefit of treatment or recovery? Previously, I say many thanks and beg for your help, Doctor.

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Hello, thank you for the question to HealthReplies.com.

Immunomodulator is a compound that can play a role in increasing endurance. The target of these immunomodulators are immune-regulating cells.

For this type of immunomodulator there are various types, but you should use the form of tablets and many scientific studies have stated the good effects of these substances.

Immunomodulators do not act as drugs or as an autoimmune preventative, nor do they affect the time of recovery or in the treatment phase, the dosage remains the same as the recommended drug. Immunomodulatory drugs are sold freely in pharmacies in the form of conventional tablet medicines.

It is best to use immunomodulators in accordance with doctor's recommendations and those that already have scientifically proven benefits based on research. It is better not to consume drugs without doctor's advice, and it is better not to consume herbal medicines that still have no scientific evidence of the benefits.

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