Explanation Of Lab Examination Results.?

Illustration of Explanation Of Lab Examination Results.?
Illustration: Explanation Of Lab Examination Results.? cs.ubc.ca

Doctor, may I ask for help from my hsg results? Findings: I. Pelvis AP: normal pelvic cavum form II. HSG: contrast is inserted using catheter no. 8 into uterine cavity approximately 9 cc: uterine hyper anteflexion, small size / infatile, normal bent: normal uterine billateral tube is not dilated, the tuba filling is a negative defect, both spills appear positive. small / infatile size, normal bent: patency of the positive lateral uterine tubal

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Based on the results of reading the examination that you do, the pelvic cavity shape is within normal limits. with a small uterus, facing forward. both uterine or uterine tubes have no congestion in filling contrast. then get the impression of the uterus facing forward with a forward bending that is hyper or slightly more numerous, small in size, and both uterine ducts have no blockage.

Investigations must be adjusted to the history and results of physical examination on the patient directly, to get clinical compatibility and results of investigations. therefore, to get more information related to your condition, you should consult with an obstetrician who treats you.

So much information from me, hopefully it is certain.

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