Explanation Of Laboratory Results And Treatment?

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In the afternoon, I asked about my sister’s TB diagnosis.

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Hello Eva,

To determine the correct diagnosis of a disease, it is absolutely necessary to correlate it with clinical conditions, laboratory and also radiological results. To ensure a proper diagnosis and treatment, it is necessary to be examined directly by a doctor so that the doctor can relate these aspects.

If we only refer to Eva's story, the possibility that what is happening now is a buildup of fluid in the lungs (pleural effusion) due to infection with tuberculosis germs. Pleural effusion can also occur due to other diseases, such as pneumonia, heart failure, kidney failure, and so on. Pulmonary tuberculosis treatment takes at least 6 months, can be up to a year or more depending on the response and severity.

Tuberculosis germs are transmitted from a sick person to a healthy person through the air. Usually infected by sick people who are in close contact. Therefore, if in one house someone is positive for tuberculosis, it is better for the same household to be examined so that the treatment is concurrent and there is no re-infection.

Currently, what needs to be done is to follow the treatment procedure with discipline for maximum results. Apart from medicine, good nutrition, adequate rest and stress control and good hygiene can help the healing process.

Further knowledge can be read at:

Pleural Effusion



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