Explanation Of Laboratory Results Of Liver Function In Children?

, I want to ask for the lab results of my child’s liver function, this is the lab result r nbilirubin a total of 5.74 mg / dl r nbilirubin director 0.49 mg / dl r nbilirubin indirect 5.25 mg / dl r if the lab results like that, is it said to be normal or do you have jaundice? r nthank you

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How old is the mother's child? Is a new baby born?

Normal bilirubin levels will be different in newborns with children and adults. Medically normal total bilirubin levels in children and adults (not newborns) are around 1-1.2 mg / dl. With direct bilirubin levels ranging from <= 0.3 mg / dl.

Bilirubin is a dye that occurs when red blood cells break due to aging. The liver will pick up the colored waste and excrete it through the feces.

Increased levels of bilirubin are known as hyperbilirubinemia which can occur as a result of jaundice (jaundice), hemolytic anemia (anemia due to breakdown and damage of red blood cells), and liver or gallbladder disease.

In conditions of hyperbilirubinemia, this indicates that high levels can be caused by the liver not being able to remove bilirubin waste properly or red blood cells breaking down too quickly.

This condition needs to be investigated further with other physical and medical examinations such as blood tests to determine the presence of liver infection, red blood cell conditions and other medical tests such as ultrasound, or blood analysis. With this test, the doctor can find out the cause of the hyperbilirubinemia condition that occurs and provide treatment according to your condition.

Therefore, based on the results of the bilirubin information that you have provided, we highly recommend that you take your child to an internal medicine doctor to understand further the problems that befall your child. Give drinking enough water, getting enough rest, eating balanced nutrition and seeing a doctor immediately.

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