Explanation Of Lakuna In 26 Weeks Of Gestation?

I am a pregnant woman with a gestational age of 26 weeks. the doctor diagnosed me as having lakuna. What is Lakuna itself? does it harm the mother and fetus? is there any way to overcome it? Thank you in advance

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Hello Ayuu,

Lakuna in general is a part of the process of formation of the placenta. Formation of the placenta starts from implantation / attachment of the fetus in the uterine wall. Trophoblast cells differentiate to form cytotrophoblasts and cytitiotrophoblasts. The sinsitiotrophoblast then forms a finger-like projection that makes the fetus close to the uterine wall. lakuna / room in the syncytiotrophoblast will continue to occupy the uterine wall until the circulation / blood vessels of the mother can reach it. Then diffusion occurs and the uteroplacental blood circulation forms. It is through this placenta that oxygen exchange occurs, the supply of nutrients, and the removal of fetal excretion.

In some pregnant women, interference with the palsenta can occur, including:

Placenta previa: the placenta covers part or all of the birth canal
Placental abruption: the placenta detaches from the uterine wall before labor
Placental retention: the remaining placenta is left in the uterus after delivery
Palsenta insufficiency: damage to the placenta / placenta is not fully developed
Placenta accreta: the placenta is placed too deep in the uterine wall

Did the doctor notify the diagnosis directly or did you read the information written by the doctor? Sometimes doctors also write various information which is the result of the examination at that time. For your condition, I suggest that you discuss again with the obstetrician who is examining you because the doctor is more understanding of your condition. For treatment will also be given a doctor if needed in accordance with the consideration of the results of your examination. Try to stay relaxed and not worry too much. The most important thing now is routine pregnancy control according to schedule and if there are complaints, such as bleeding, you should immediately see a doctor without having to wait for the control schedule.

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