Explanation Of MRI Examination Lab Results?

I want to ask, I have a headache then I was advised to MRI … After I had an MRI the result was 0.25cm lesions between the DD / Edema tursica, then I was advised to contrast MRI, the contrast MRI results were nothing … I will work abroad (Japan), it is a problem, so how do I get the 0.25cm lesion and the swelling to be gone? Please advise, because from 2 neurosurgeons there is no treatment, whereas from occupational health doctors it must be clean

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Hello Syarah, thank you for the question at HealthReplies.com.

The presence of lesions in sella turcica during MRI examination of the head can be caused by several conditions such as abnormalities in the hypothalamus gland (swelling or tumor), enlargement of the eye nerve (chiasma opticus), swelling of blood vessels (aneurysms) around the hypothalamus gland or meningioma.

However, to ensure all possible abnormalities, it is recommended to do an MRI with contrast. If it has been stated that there is no abnormality on MRI by contrast, then it can be stated that there is indeed no abnormality in your sella turcica region, and you will not get any therapy regarding this condition.

For now, it is recommended that you consult your neurosurgeon about this condition, whether there is a way to treat it and whether it is dangerous or not. And if possible, ask him to make a statement that your condition is not dangerous and does not require treatment.

I hope this helps.

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