Explanation Of MRI Examination Results?

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Illustration: Explanation Of MRI Examination Results? radiologyassistant.nl

I want this result from all the heads / only a few heads? To detect the HFS, is the scan engine based on the results of this DBH? Or do you need to retry? the problem is I focused on TN so that I forgot to be a neurologist when I was going to die if so far my eyes twitched even though they were not severe. Type of examination: mri brain Sequence: T1W, T2W, FLAIR, DWI, SWAN, FIESTA with axial pieces Results •] Corticcalcular sulcus u0026amp; left and right sylviic fissures appear normal • intensity of substantia alba and grisea signal intensity •] no visible midline shifting •] basal, ambient and quadrigeminal cysts appear normal •] lateral ventricles III u0026amp; IV no visible abnormalities •] no visible lesions / intensity pathological signals in the brain parenchyma •] cells and brainstem still appear in normal signal intensity •] cpa and right and left peripons do not appear abnormal • in the fiesta appear neurovascular conflict from trigeminal sinistra nerve with celebellar artery of the sinistra which causes mild papering n. Trigeminus sinistra •] hypophise u0026amp; sella tursica looks good •] right mastoid region u0026amp; SPN appears calm •] left and right orbital region appears calm •] looks deviated from the rice septum to the center, does not appear thickening the nasal concha neurovascular from trigeminus sinistra nerve with cerebellar artery that causes mild buckling n. trigeminus sinistra •] no visible picture of infarction, bleeding, or intracranial SOL.Thank you

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MRI or magnetic resonance imaging is one of the radiological examinations using magnetic fields and radio wave energy to display images of structures and organs in the body. MRI brain or MRI of the brain means an imaging examination performed on the entire head or brain structure of soft tissue, blood vessels, bone structure and innervation. Therefore, if an MRI brain is carried out, then this examination is directly conducted on the entire head or brain structure.

In the MRI brain examination results have been mentioned in a detailed interpretation of the reading of the results of the MRI brain from the structure of the soft tissue to the blood vessels and innervation. Where in the examination you mentioned got the result: "suggestive of a neurovascular conflict of the trigeminal nerve with the cerebellar arteries that causes mild buckling of n.trigeminus sinistra

What is meant by neurovascular conflict (NVC) is a condition where there is abnormal contact between arteries (blood vessels) in the brain with certain parts of the head nerve on the results of the examination occurred on the trigeminal sinitra nerve (left). with cerebellar blood vessels. Continuous contact can cause excessive nerve activity that can cause several conditions such as: trigeminal neuralgia which feels chronic pain due to interference with the trigeminal nerve originating from the brain.

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