Explanation Of Radiology Examination Lab Results?

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Please note, that chest X-ray examination is a supporting examination. Where the results of this examination need to be matched with clinical data. This clinical data is based on the results of interviews and physical examinations by doctors. For that, the best step to find out the exact condition is to re-consult with the doctor who asked for this X-ray examination. From this, conclusions can be drawn. In fact it is not uncommon, in fact conclusions cannot be drawn and require other supporting examinations.
In general, infiltrates on chest X-ray indicate lung tissue damage caused by the infection process. Likewise with bronchovascular patterns. The existence of the word "increase" certainly concludes the condition of the disease which is continuing and becoming heavier than before. However, how severe the condition is certainly assessed based on the clinical patient. How is your father's condition? Are there growing complaints?
You do not need to be confused, if indeed the condition has not been improved or even more severe, the doctor will find out the cause. Is the drug not yet in accordance with the required dose, the required drug has not been obtained, is resistant to the antibiotics given, is not compliant with treatment or there are other diseases that affect treatment. Meanwhile, keep the air cleanliness of the local environment, especially the rooms. Provide food with adequate nutrition, which is high in calories and high in protein. Enough rest. In order to increase the ability of the immune system to fight disease.
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