Explanation Of SGOT And SGPT Examination Results?

Illustration of Explanation Of SGOT And SGPT Examination Results?
Illustration: Explanation Of SGOT And SGPT Examination Results? thejhs.org

Hello, last week I checked the lab and the results of my SGOT and SGPT were 59 and 82, is that considered high? and does that include me with hepatitis? what are the functions of SGOT and SGPT in the body? thank you

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Hello Widya, Thank you for the question.

Hepatitis is an inflammatory condition in the liver that can be caused by a number of conditions such as viral infections (hepatitis A, B, C, D, E viruses, dengue virus, Epstein Barr virus), consumption of drugs, consumption of alcoholic beverages, and autoimmune diseases. Hepatitis is often characterized by increasing levels of SGOT and SGPT on blood tests. Serum glutamate oxaloacetate transferase (SGOT) and serum glumate pyruvat transferase (SGPT) are enzymes that can be found in the liver, heart, kidneys, muscles, and brain. This enzyme serves to help a number of metabolic processes in the body. If there is inflammation or damage to liver cells, liver cells will release this enzyme into the blood so that when examined the results of the enzyme can be increased. Normal SGOT levels range from 6-34 IU / L while normal SGPT levels range from 7-56 IU / L (this normal value can vary in each laboratory).

What did you undergo this examination for? Are you experiencing certain symptoms? To make sure what happens to you, you should immediately consult a doctor who recommends this blood test. The doctor needs to match the results of this blood test with information about your complaint and the doctor's physical examination. Usually the doctor also needs to do further blood tests and ultrasound to find the cause. The next treatment will be determined after the doctor knows the exact cause of the increase in the enzyme level.

Meanwhile, please take care of your health by taking adequate rest for 7-9 hours every day, consuming nutritious food regularly, avoiding the consumption of food and drinks that are not clean, always maintaining the cleanliness of your hands after going to the toilet and before eating, avoid changing - Change partners or use condoms when having sex.

Hopefully this information helps you.

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