Explanation Of Spinal MRI Results?

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I want to ask, my father just had an MRI test on the lumbosacral spine which resulted in protruded intervertebral disc lumbar 4-5 and lumbar 5-sacral 1 disc herniation with the nucleus pulposus toward the diffuse posterior that causes pressure on the thecal anterior saccus and bilateral spinal radial disc, bulging disc bulging 1 lumbar intervertebral 2-3, lumbar 3-4 by stretching the intact annulare ligament, and schmorl node facues articular superior lumbar vertebrae 2, and lumbar 3, and superior articularis fascia and inferior lumbar vertebra 4 and lumbar 5, from which results happened to my father and what was the best action for my father? Please also explain for each diagnosis from his MRI. thank you

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Hello Nisani, thank you for asking.

You need to know that MRI is a supporting examination. The results obtained from investigations are not a definitive diagnosis. The result of supporting examination is the impression. A definitive diagnosis of a disease is obtained based on patient and family interviews, physical examination, and supporting examination. The results of investigations alone cannot be said to be a definitive diagnosis.

Based on your father's MRI results, there is an impression of:

Protrusion of segments between the lumbar spine 4 and 5, and lumbar 5 and sacral 1. The contents of this protruding segment cause spinal cord compression of the area. That is known as the layman 'pinched nerve'. Lumbar and sacral area is the area that supplies the waist, buttocks, pelvis. Complaints are generally in the form of pain from the waist to the feet, muscle stiffness, difficulty walking / standing, impaired balance, as well as numbness or tingling.
Prominence of segments between lumbar 2 and 3, and lumbar 3 and 4.

Once again, the diagnosis can only be made by the doctor who treats your father. Bring these results to the treating doctor. The doctor will match the physical examination obtained. After a definitive diagnosis is obtained, the doctor will suggest the right course of action. The action can be supportive therapy, physiotherapy, or surgery, depending on the severity of the disease condition.

Hopefully this information can be useful. Regards.

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