Explanation Of Spinal X-rays?

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Good morning doctor, I’m ani 40 years old, yesterday I took an x-ray, and the results:

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Hello Ani, thank you for asking.

Unfortunately you did not include the X-ray photo of what part you received. I assume you have a spinal x-ray, right? Based on these results the impression is obtained:

1. There is a fracture (broken bone) that is compression in the lumbar spine 3. Lumbar is the part around the waist. Compression means that there is an emphasis on the spine. These types of fractures are generally found in the spine.

2. Calcification or calcium buildup in lumbar 1-5.

3. There is a narrowing of the gap between lumbar 3 and 4, and lumbar 5 and sacral 1. This narrowing of the gap can be caused by compression fractures or by the presence of a nucleus pulposus hernia (HNP). Narrowing the gap between the spine, the risk of pinching occurs in the spinal nerves.

4. There is calcification in the left pelvic vein. Generally, venous calcification has no clinical importance.

As soon as there is time, you should immediately consult a doctor who treats you to discuss these results. The results of investigations such as these must be read by the doctor who sent them, because they must be matched with the physical condition of the patient. If there is indeed a compression fracture, the doctor will suggest certain actions. May be the use of corsets or other assistive devices. Avoid doing work or sports that put too much strain on the spine.

That is my explanation. May be useful. Regards.

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