Explanation Of Steatocystoma Multiplex Disease?

Illustration of Explanation Of Steatocystoma Multiplex Disease?
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want to ask what multiple steatosystme? whether it is a gland or a lump

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Hello Simon,

Thank you for the question.

Maybe what you mean is steatocystoma multiplex.

Steatocystoma multiplex is a benign tumor in the form of a sac containing sebum (oil) in the skin that comes from overgrowth of oil glands. This condition is often characterized by the appearance of bumps on the skin, which often appear in the neck, torso, upper arms, and upper thigh area in teenagers or young adults. Lumps due to steatocystoma multiplex are generally about 3 mm to 3 cm in diameter, and are flesh-colored or yellowish in color, with a rubbery consistency and are easy to move. These lumps are very rarely painful, but it is not impossible that pain and swelling can occur if the lump is irritated or secondary infection.

The exact cause of this condition is not yet clearly known. However, many sources say that this condition occurs due to genetic mutations in the KRT17 gene that regulate the production of a protein called keratin 17. This protein is normally produced in the nails, hair roots, and skin on the palms and feet. As a result of this genetic mutation, the keratinous tissue that is formed becomes abnormal, so that the cells that make up the oil glands become distorted functions. As a result, many cysts will form below the surface of the skin. This genetic mutation can later be inherited with an autosomal dominant pattern.

The diagnosis of steatocystoma multiplex must not be arbitrary. If you experience a condition similar to this, then you should immediately consult a doctor or dermatologist so that it is further evaluated and given the best treatment, ok?

I hope this helps.

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