Explanation Of The Chest X-ray X-rays?

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Hello, I want to ask, please read or understand the results of X-rays. Incidentally, my mother just got an x-ray, because lately sometimes it is hard to breathe … Here are the results of the X-rays: Both Sinus costophrenicus taper. 50% Pulmo: Bronchovascular plugs are crowded on both lungs Impression: Cardiomegaly Pulmo: Bronkhovascular plugs are crowded on both lungs. Please help with the info, what causes it and what must be done immediately to deal with it. Thank you 🙏🏼

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Hello Hana Indira,

X-rays are an examination using X-rays to get a picture of body tissue. Hard parts like bones and denser ones will appear whiter, while soft tissue including air will turn black. X-rays are a supporting examination needed to help diagnose several types of diseases.

Some patients with respiratory disorders such as chronic cough, coughing up blood, shortness of breath, chest pain, may require X-ray investigations. On your mother's examination, the results of the examination are:

Bronchovascular patterns are crowded in both lungs
In the lungs in addition to lung tissue there are also blood vessels (vascular). Normally this vascularization follows the pulmonary alveoli for blood oxygenation.
Bronchovascular patterns appear on X-rays generally only in the 1/3 middle of the right and left lungs
Increased pulmonary bronchovascular pattern can occur in conditions: chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, congestive heart failure, pulmonary edema, asthma

Sinus costophrenicus sharpSinus costophrenicus is the outer and right corner of the lung. Normally in X-rays look sharp. If blunt can be caused by fluid in the lung sheath

Good left and right diaphragm Diaphragm is the layer that separates the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity. Important role in the ventilation process. Changes in the diaphragm can be a tear, inflammation, or withdrawal due to scarring due to a long infection process

Cor> 50% What is meant is the cardio-thoracal index, which is the ratio of heart width to lung width. Normally <50% if greater than 50% can be caused by an enlarged heart size (cardiomegaly), for example in heart failure

Cardiomegaly accompanied by an increase in bronchovascular pattern can be caused due to the condition of congestive heart failure. Congestive heart failure can cause symptoms:

Shortness of breath, especially during activity and at night when lying down
Can sleep more comfortably in a higher chest position, sleep with 2-3 pillows.
Swelling in the lower limbs
Frequent urination
Chronic cough

After getting the x-ray results the patient should go back to the doctor who treated or who asked for an x-ray examination to be done. Handling will be given in accordance with the condition of the patient examined by a doctor not just from the x-rays. In addition, other tests may also be needed relating to the causes of heart failure conditions (hypertension, heart valve abnormalities, heart infections, myocardial infarction, and so on). Congestive heart failure is not a trivial disease. Treatment can include administering drugs such as diuretics, ACE inhibitors, ARBs, digoxin, etc. depending on the patient's condition. Patients also need to limit daily fluid intake so as not to overload cardiac function. So, you should bring back your mother for control with a doctor.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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