Explanation Of The Chest X-rays And Treatment?

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Patients received the drug kalnex, cefixime 200mg, codeine, cetirizine, lasmalin, aminophilin. The patient complained of coughing, after examination to Sp. Lung micobacterial xpert gene not detection. Dirty chest photo, cough for more than 3 months. Normal spirometry. What is it for and what disease does the patient have?

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The use of these drugs in sequence according to their contents is

The content of tranexamic acid, is a drug to help the blood clotting process faster so bleeding can stop faster. Cefixime content, an antibiotic to kill infectious diseases caused by bacteria. Codeine content, is a hard cough medicine. The way this drug works is to suppress the cough reflex so that the frequency of coughing is reduced or even lost. Cetirizine, an anti-histamine drug class, helps reduce itching. The content of terbutaline, is a drug to treat complaints of shortness of breath due to respiratory spasms. Aminophilin content, is a drug to help open airways, so that complaints of shortness of breath and coughing can be reduced.
The results of dirty chest X-rays have many interpretations, ranging from lung infections, lung tissue damage due to chemical exposure, dust, and others. Spirometry examination is to measure the condition of the capacity of the lungs to accommodate how much air can be inhaled and expelled. Genexpert examination is an examination to detect whether a person has tuberculosis (TB), but specifically the examination can also detect TB disease that is resistant to several types of drugs.

Complaints of a long cough, even for months, certainly need further study, where it is difficult for a doctor to be able to know for sure what condition someone is experiencing without conducting a medical interview and in-person examination. Although genexpert examinations, chest X-rays, and spirometry can provide additional information, a direct medical interview and physical examination are still needed to get a picture of the patient's condition.

The pulmonary doctor who has carried out an assessment of the patient certainly has considerations so that he finally gives these drugs, so do not hesitate to take the drug according to the recommendations given. If the complaint does not improve or it gets worse, it is hoped that the patient will have another checkup so that further evaluation can be carried out.

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