Explanation Of The Child’s X-ray Results?

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morning, I want to ask the meaning of the results of my son’s x-ray which is 6.5 years old

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Chest X-ray or chest X-ray is one of the radiological examinations that can be used to see a picture of the lungs and heart to help doctors show or determine the type of disease or diagnosis.

Normal cast, sinus and diaphragm means that the heart and the divider between the chest palate and the abdominal cavity (diaphragm) in the X-ray picture of your child are normal.

While pulmo means lung. On your child's chest X-ray picture the abnormality found is dreary hili, soft spots appearing on both perihilar and lung fields. Hili or hilus or hila is a channel that is found in various organs such as kidneys, spleen or lungs where there are blood vessels, or nerves that pass through it. The bleak-looking hili might be referring to the possibility that there is no clear boundary in the hilum area on your X-ray.

Soft spots appearing on both perihilar and pulmonary fields indicate an abnormality which is indicated on the x-ray image by white patches or something of higher density. Basically the lungs will normally be black on X-ray examination because they contain mostly air, as well as the lung. this will be accompanied by a white pattern that runs like a branching branch which is a blood vessel in the lungs. If there is a picture of X-ray that has denser density in the lung arary it will give a white color in the form of spots. Pedicab in the lung field can be caused by various possibilities such as infections such as penumonia, bronchopneumonia, pulmonary tuberculosis. In addition homogeneous spots in the x-ray picture can indicate a period or fluid (pelura effusion).

However, for further explorations, a consultation is needed directly to the doctor. In principle, radiological examination in the form of X-rays is only a supplementary examination which is only helps diagnose. This x-ray picture also needs to be adjusted to the clinical conditions found in your child. Therefore you should consult the condition to a pediatrician. Henceforth given appropriate and effective treatment for your child.

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