Explanation Of The Negative VDRL Test Results?

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Asalamuallaikum. I want it, then I checked the blood and the result was stated that I had vdrl 1: 1 and then I was advised to brobat after taking the medicine after I finished, I checked again and the results were still weak and I was then recommended to inject the virus said the doctor 5 days may be allowed double check and the results are negative. But the doctor said I still have. I was curious about the fact that the disease was still missing. thank you

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Hello Dina, Thank you for the question.

What symptoms are you experiencing? Did the doctor deliver the diagnosis to you?

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum. Venereal disease research laboratoy (VDRL) is a blood test (nontreponemal test) aimed at detecting / screening whether someone has syphilis by detecting antibodies / immune substances that form in the body when infection occurs. this. If the test results are positive, the doctor will usually encourage the sufferer to undergo another blood test (Treponema pallidum hemagglitination assay (TPHA)) which is more able to confirm whether the person really has syphilis or the positive result is false positive (for example due to pregnancy, autoimmune diseases, HIV infection, etc.). If the TPHA results also show positive results and are supported by symptoms that you experience, then you can be sure to experience syphilis. However, if the TPHA results show negative results, then there is a possibility that the VDRL examination results are false positive.

Someone who has early stage syphilis (primary syphilis) will experience symptoms in the form of lesions / sores on the genitals that do not feel pain. Symptoms of genital herpes are similar to symptoms of genital herpes, but the difference is that the genital herpes is painful. Someone who has been confirmed to have syphilis will be treated with antibiotics for a certain period of time. Usually to assess the success of treatment seen from the symptoms experienced by the patient and VDRL examination. VDRL examination will usually remain reactive, however, doctors can compare antibody titers. If the antibody titer is lower after treatment, then this treatment is considered successful in treating syphilis. If the antibiotic titer is still the same, this indicates that the infection has not been treated or there is a recurring infection.

Has the doctor ever talked about genital herpes? Why do I ask this? Because you mentioned giving antivirus. If you experience syphilis, the doctor will give antibiotics and not antivirals. Antivirus will be given if you have genital herpes (caused by herpes simplex virus infection). If you experience genital herpes, then treatment can only prevent the virus from multiplying further and reducing the symptoms of the virus infection. Antiviral treatment cannot eliminate the virus from the body. One time if you have low immunity, the symptoms of genital herpes will recur. If what you are experiencing is genital herpes, then maybe this is what the doctor intends to get by but you still have the virus.

Because there is no further information about the symptoms you are experiencing, there is no further examination (TPHA examination), and you also receive antiviral, so I cannot confirm what disease you are experiencing. You should consult with your doctor beforehand to ask for further clarification.


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