Explanation Of The Results Of Echocardiography?

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Tonight, I don’t want to ask for this information. On the results of echocardiography, segmental hypokinetics, the LV systolic function decreases, the RV systolic function is good, the diastolic function, LV disturbance, relaxation, P Acc T 128 M / strombus, no pericardial infusion is minimal, please explain … thanks

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Hello Naydin, Thank you for your question.

Echocardiography is a supporting examination that functions to determine the structure and function of the heart. Just like other supporting examinations, the results of an echocardiographic examination must be linked to information about patient complaints obtained from doctor interviews, physician physical examinations, and other supporting examinations.
Some information that I can convey is:

 there is impaired movement of certain heart muscle which decreases (segmental hypokinetics) heart muscle contraction function in the left ventricle / ventricle decreases (LV systolic function decreases), whereas in the right ventricle / ventricle good (RV systolic function is good) there is a disturbance of relaxation / rest in the heart muscle in the left ventricle (LV diastolic function relaxation disorder) there is no blood clot / thrombus found in the presence of minimal fluid in the lining of the heart (pericardial effusion) Thus the information I can convey. However, due to limited information regarding your complaint and the absence of a physical examination, I'm sorry I cannot provide more complete and precise information. To know more clearly about the conclusions from the results of this examination as well as about the steps for further treatment, you are encouraged to consult with a cardiologist who treats you.

Hopefully this information helps you.

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