Explanation Of The Results Of Examinations To Detect Tuberculosis?

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Good Morning, I have been coughing for 6 months and finally bled very much. Yesterday I just took Lab Results and X-rays for my lungs. I was sentenced to ACTIVE LUNG TB 2 ++. I want to ask about this, if it is already ++ how severe is this ACTIVE LUNG TB 2 ++?

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TB or tuberculosis is a lung disease caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Symptoms are a cough that lasts longer (more than 2 weeks), usually phlegm, and sometimes bleeding. Some other symptoms that are commonly felt are:



Weight loss

No appetite

Chest pain

Night sweats

If the patient is suspected of having tuberculosis clinically the symptoms appear as above then, the doctor will ask the patient to do sputum examination called BTA examination. BTA examination can also be done using samples other than sputum, for TB cases that occur not in the lungs.

Sputum collection is carried out 3 times using the SPS time method (at any time in the morning). The first sputum sample is taken when the doctor asks for the sputum sample. The second phlegm is taken the next morning and the third phlegm is taken while delivering the second phlegm sample to the laboratory (lab). In addition to the SPS method, phlegm can also be taken 3 days in a row every morning.

The results given can be positive in 1 sample for example only the sample at the first or morning or the second. Or it can also be positive on the two samples such as the first and the morning or the first and the second. In general, if one or two or three positives are found on the BTA check, TB treatment will continue.

Most important is that patients need to be committed to taking TB drugs within the prescribed time limit, can be 6 months or more. Patient compliance to take medication is very necessary, to prevent germs from the drug. Healing will be very difficult if the TB bacteria are resistant to standard drugs, and can be fatal to cause death.

So one way is that patients are encouraged to invite a family member when receiving the results of a doctor's diagnosis which will play a role for the supervisor to take medication (PMO) and help remind patients.

Thus the information we can convey. I hope this helps.

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