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I just now from MCU made a health certificate for the purposes of registering the National Police. Then I got VOD 5/6 and VOS 5/5 (Normal) notes in the eyes. What I’m asking about VOD 5/6 is how much is it minus?

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There is a history of MCU examination or medical check up, and one of them is an eye vision examination or a sharp examination of eye vision, which is obtained from the results of a sharp examination of the left eye is normal 5/5 while the sharp vision of your right eye is 5/6. This sharp examination of vision uses the Snellen card examination standard which is a test of vision using a series of letters from large to small placed at a distance of about 6 meters. If the examiner shows the letters that must be seen by the person being examined, then the person being examined must mention the exact letter designated. If one series is found on the Snellen chart it cannot be mentioned, then this shows that the value of vision has started to decrease in that series. So the examiner assesses the sharpest vision of the last series that can be seen by the person being examined. Thus, the sharp value of the vision obtained from your visual examination as you mentioned it.

On the side of a series of letters, you will see the numbers accompanying a series of letters, this shows that the person being examined can see the Snellen letters at a distance of 5 meters like a normal person. As for the right eye you can see letters with a distance of 5 meters while normal people can see it at a distance of 6 meters. When converted to a minus decimal value, the minus value for your right eye can be around minus 0.5 diopters / lens strength. Where prescribing glasses with diopters values ​​shows how far your eyes can focus on objects and how much lens strength is needed.

However, at a value of minus 0.5; this figure is still considered to be controllable and does not yet require vision assistance with glasses; unless you feel disturbed or because you need more detailed vision related to your activities or work.

If your eye sight activity is used for normal and normal activities, then you can then take care of all the risks of a more severe visual disturbance or prevent a heavier minus value. By maintaining eye health and living a healthy lifestyle, the benefits of eye health and sharp eye sight will remain well controlled. One effort you can make to prevent this complaint from getting worse is:

 Read in a bright place Avoid eye fatigue Avoid going to bed late at night Avoid excessive use of cellphones, TVs, computers Take a break if your eyes are sufficient For healthy nutritional needs However, if you feel worried or uncomfortable, you can do an examination and consultation directly with an eye doctor You. The doctor will carry out further evaluations related to the sharpness of your vision. If necessary, the doctor will prescribe glasses to help control this complaint, however, it all depends on your doctor's decision and the results of the examination that has been done.

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