Explanation Of The Results Of Medical Check-up There Is An Increase In Epithelial Cells

Illustration of Explanation Of The Results Of Medical Check-up There Is An Increase In Epithelial Cells
Illustration: Explanation Of The Results Of Medical Check-up There Is An Increase In Epithelial Cells regencymedicalcentre.com

Dear Doc, I want to ask, after conducting the MCU … there are results in the epithelial cell section which shows more than the threshold … 20-25 / LPK Do I need to be aware of this? thank you

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Hello Febri,

Urine analysis examination is one that is often done during medical check-up (MCU). Urinalysis includes the color, concentration, and content in your urine. The results of urinalysis are not normal, for example, the presence of protein content in the urine indicates a problem with your kidneys or increased white blood cells in the urine can indicate an infection in the urinary tract.

Epithelial cells can be found on microscopic examination of urine. Epithelial cells are cells that can be found in almost all mucosa of the human body, including in the urinary tract and are detected on examination of urine analysis. The number and type of epithelium found in urine can indicate abnormalities in the urinary tract.

An increase in epithelial cells alone without other positive signs, such as leukocytes, may still occur due to contamination of the sample due to incorrect urine sampling. Increased epithelial cells can also occur if there is inflammation in the urinary tract, but it is usually accompanied by other abnormal urine results. Increased epithelial cells, if written tubular epithelial cells, then originating from the kidney, can be found in cases of nephrotic syndrome, kidney degenerative disease, nephritis, infection of the kidneys, poisoning of certain substances. Increased epithelial cells in the presence of red blood cells in the urine can also be due to cases of urinary tract stones. Very large epithelial cells in urine analysis can also be found in cases of tumors / cancer in the urinary tract.

If the results of the epithelial increase, accompanied by the presence of leukocytes in the results of urine analysis, the most often is due to urinary tract infections. If there are no other abnormal results, with such results, an increase in epithelium is still possible due to contamination when sampling (collecting urine that comes out first not in the middle, the pot on the skin, etc.) or you straining strongly when removing urine.

If there are complaints or symptoms that are felt, you can check yourself back at the doctor.

* In the midst of an outbreak of Covid-19, pay attention to and obey measures to prevent transmission of the disease. If there is no emergency or mandatory control, avoid going to the health facility first. If you have to go to a health facility, follow the steps that must be taken.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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