Explanation Of The Results Of The Chest X-ray Examination?

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Good morning. I want to ask, yesterday I was X-rayed for Thorax Pa and the results are like this: Heart does not enlarge. Superior mediastinum does not widen. Trachea in the middle. Normal normal. The right infrahiler pattern is rough. The sinuses and diaphragm are good. The bones are good. Impression: The right infrahiler pattern is rough. That’s the result and I want to know. Thank you doctor, I’m waiting for your answer soon.

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Chest X-ray examination is one of the supporting examinations that can be done to examine the chest cavity area of ​​bone structure, connective tissue, and organs in the chest cavity such as the throat, esophagus, lungs, heart, and tissues around these organs.

The assessment of the results indicates that the airways of the trachea and hilum did not show any abnormality. There is no apparent enlargement of the heart and mediastinum. The appearance of a rough right infrahiler pattern can indicate abnormalities in the related section. But this needs to be matched with the symptoms that you are experiencing right now, whether accompanied by a persistent cough, is there shortness of breath or abnormalities in your respiratory system. Cannot make a diagnosis only from investigations.

It is advisable to consult a doctor who instructs X-ray examinations to be examined and managed according to your condition. It is not advisable to interpret the results yourself without consultation and avoid using self-medication without doctor's instructions and consultation.

For more information about the X-ray procedure, you can access this link.

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