Explanation Of The Results Of The Widal Test Lab?

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Hello … Evening, I’m S. Furusin Marfuah, a 24-year-old woman. Want to ask 5 days ago my body suddenly became very hot, because I thought it was just an ordinary fever. So I take it easy. And I as usual, drink ice / cold water. But after a few hours the fever gets higher plus a pulse on the inside head. Because I don’t have paracetamol, I replace it with procold. But until tomorrow the heat does not go down. On Tuesday morning at 1am, my body was hot but my hands and feet were cold. Then I take herbal medicine. The next day I wash my hair and at night my body gets hot again. 2 days later (Thursday afternoon) I went to the clinic. The doctor said I had typhus symptoms and was given antibiotics and paracetamol. The next day I will test widal and hematological results: – S.T – O 1: 160; S.T – H 1: 160 – S.P AO negative; S.P BO 1/80; S P CO 1/160; S.P AH is negative; S.P BH 1/80; S.P CH 1/80. Normal blood test results but 2700 leukocytes, Hematocrit 33 and MCV 78. Then I was diagnosed with typhus. Another symptom that I experienced was that suddenly my chest felt tight and it was difficult to breathe and my throat was trapped as if something was blocking me. And also cold sweat at the time it felt like I was about to pass out. Please explain the results. Thank you

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Good evening Furusin Marfuah, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

Widal examination is one additional examination that is still commonly used to determine whether someone has typhus or not. This examination aims to see the antibodies that form on a person's body against typhus bacteria.

The general results stated as positive to date are:

An increase in titer (the number listed on the examination) 4x fold on the second time or widal examination

Titers indicate 1/160 or more

Based on the above provisions, then of course your Widal examination results are very supportive towards typhus diagnosis. Apart from the Widal examination, a decrease in your leukocyte count and also your complaints are enough to strengthen the diagnosis of typhus.

For now, it is strongly recommended that you rest in total at home until the time specified by your doctor. Keep consuming the medicine given by your doctor in accordance with his recommendations. If the drug has run out but the complaint does not improve or even gain weight, immediately return to the doctor to re-evaluate your condition. Also do the controls in accordance with doctor's orders.

In addition to medicine, keep your liquid soup and food safe. Avoid foods that are hard and also high in fiber. Eat foods that are easier to digest such as porridge or soft rice.

I hope this helps.

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