Explanation Of The Results Of Ultrasound Hydronephrosis?

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Assalammu’alaikum, I one month ago suddenly my left abdomen from the front to the back was very painful and finally I was taken to the hospital to be hospitalized and then I was told to do an ultrasound, from the results of an ultrasound that I did a month ago showed results DX REN: Normal UK, PCS Not Widened, Stone (-), SIN REN: Normal UK, PCS Widened, Stone (-), VU: Wall Not Thickening, Stone (-), Mass (-), UTERUS: Normal. IMPRESSION: “Hydronephrosis Sinistra GR 1 “. I was diagnosed with gastric pain and swelling in the left kidney. I haven’t been taking medicine for a week because the doctor who handled me said that I didn’t need control anymore. Now it does not feel painful, but sometimes my left back appears a little pain. Does the pain indicate that my kidney has not returned to normal? And Is my stomach pain causing my kidney to swell? And if the swelling of my kidney can heal as before? So what foods should I avoid so that my kidneys return to normal? Thank youWalamalam’alaikum, wr. wb.

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Hello Papy Krezz
Thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com. I try to help answer yes.

Hydronephrosis is a condition where the kidneys are dilated or swollen due to accumulated urine fluid, the cause can be caused by several things including blockages due to kidney stones or prostate enlargement, urinary tract constriction due to infection, injury or congenital abnormalities, can also be a mass such as tumors.

Symptoms that are felt also vary, depending on the cause of the blockage, location and duration of blockage, ranging from acute (extreme pain) or even chronic (dull pain, such as disappearing). Some symptoms of hydronephrosis complaints are:
Nausea, vomiting, pain in the lumbar area, urinary disturbances such as pain when urinating or weak urine emission.

Handling also depends on the type of grade or degree of hydronephrosis. If it is still in the early stages of treatment, it usually focuses on a healthy lifestyle and administration of anti-pain medication if needed, if it is in stage IV or severe, usually requires further treatment such as the installation of a urine tube to help with urine output, sometimes under certain conditions surgery is needed .
However, to prevent the occurrence of increasingly severe hydronephrosis degrees, you should avoid triggers or risk factors for hydronephrosis.

The thing you can do at home is to consume healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, drink water according to the recommended 2L daily, reduce the consumption of colored drinks, avoid preservative foods and those that contain high salt. Live a healthy lifestyle by avoiding alcohol and cigarettes.

If complaints of pain in the waist are felt continuously to interfere with activity, there is blood during urination, difficulty urinating, until high fever. Immediately to see a doctor directly, or can with the second choice, namely a specialist in urology, the doctor will conduct a medical interview, and conduct additional examinations if needed, my advice is that you should bring the results of the ultrasound and other examinations that you have done before.

For the relationship between gastric pain and the occurrence of hydronephrosis, there is no relationship between the occurrence of gastric acid with hydronephrosis that you feel.
For more details, here I include the complications that can occur in patients with stomach acid: Gastric Acid Complications

Thus my answer, hopefully it helps.

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