Explanation Of The Results Of Ultrasound Of The Thyroid Gland And Its Treatment?

Illustration of Explanation Of The Results Of Ultrasound Of The Thyroid Gland And Its Treatment?
Illustration: Explanation Of The Results Of Ultrasound Of The Thyroid Gland And Its Treatment? Bing

I want to ask my mother, who is 49 years old. The written diagnosis is that the right thyroid is enlarged, parenchyma is inhomogeneous, there is a hypoechoic lesion with some indistinct borders, the size of 16.0×10.2×24.4 mm on COS shows intralesional vacularization.rnImpression: tend to show goiter nodusumr nThe symptoms experienced are only weakness and dizziness. The question is is this dangerous and my mother should be operated on and if not what should be done without surgery?

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Based on the nature of the enlargement disorder of the thyroid gland or the so-called goiter or goiter can be divided into two, namely:

goiter nodusa, namely swelling of the gland whose surface is lumpy. Diffuse goiter, which is swelling that is spread evenly, while based on its relation to the hormone produced, can be divided into:

Toxic, which is accompanied by signs or symptoms of increased thyroid hormone (hyperthyroidism) such as easily tired, fast pulse, chest palpitations, easy to feel hot, fingertips or hands shaking. non-toxic, namely the presence of swelling without symptoms of hyperthyroidism. As for the treatment of goiter, it is adjusted to the type suffered by the patient.

From the results of the ultrasound, your mother has goiter nodusum. This disease needs proper handling so that its effects do not harm the body. if the goiter that your mother is experiencing is classified as toxic, then the doctor will recommend treatment to stabilize the production of the thyroxine hormone and drugs to overcome the symptoms felt.

Some indications for surgery include:

toxic diffuse goiter with a history of treatment failure of nodular goiter accompanied by pressure on the surrounding tissue. usually accompanied by the patient's complaint of difficulty swallowing, difficulty breathing, or hoarseness of the struma nodusa which is suspected to be due to malignancy at the patient's request (usually for cosmetic reasons) so, whether or not your mother needs surgery depends on your mother's current condition. The doctor who treats your mother will certainly offer to do surgery if it is necessary.

In addition to taking the medicine given by the doctor, patients need to follow a high-iodine diet such as using salt containing iodine, as well as a low-cyanoglucoside diet, namely by limiting the consumption of cassava, corn, potatoes and bamboo shoots.

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