Explanation Of The Results Of Urinalysis And Treatment?

Illustration of Explanation Of The Results Of Urinalysis And Treatment?
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I want to ask.rnMy sister did a urine test but when I asked about the results she didn’t tell me. I also don’t know how to see the test results because I don’t understand.rnThen the test results are like this:rnrn# for urine chemistry.rnrnUrobilinogen = normalr nBilirubin = negativernKetones = negativernErythrocytes = 3+rnProtein = +/-rnNitrites = negativernLeukocytes = 3+rnGlucose = negativernBj = 1.010 rnpH = 6.0rnrn#urine sediment.rnrnEpithelial = 10-15rnLeukocytes = fullrnErythrocytes = fullrnr nWhat disease do you think? Is it dangerous or not.rnPlease explain

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Hi DekAni,

Thanks for the question. I'm sorry in advance that I can't tell you whether your sister's condition is dangerous or not, because to diagnose a disease, the doctor must fully understand the patient's complaints, examine the patient, and carry out supporting examinations. Urine examination is one of the supporting examinations whose purpose is to support / support information regarding patient complaints and the results of the doctor's physical examination. Thus the results of this urine examination cannot be interpreted separately. What I can say from the results of the urine examination is that the urine contains white blood cells (leukocytes) and red blood cells (erythrocytes). These results can be caused by several health conditions. However, to find out more for sure, please advise your sister to consult with the doctor who suggested this examination so that the doctor can relate your sister's complaint to the findings on this physical examination and urine examination.

Hope this information is useful.

Dr. Aloisia

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