Explanation Of The Results Of Vaginal Discharge Examination?

Illustration of Explanation Of The Results Of Vaginal Discharge Examination?
Illustration: Explanation Of The Results Of Vaginal Discharge Examination? npwomenshealthcare.com

I want to ask about my vaginal discharge. I have done a laboratory Cab. And the results are: • large gram-positive rods **** • small variable-sized gran trunks ** • Gram-negative bent rods – • Other shows normal vaginal flora bacteria • microscopic fungi are not found yeast cells and hyphae • microscopic trichomonas are not found trichomonas Is my vaginal discharge dangerous and how is it handled?

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Good afternoon Ayu, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

Reading the results of your laboratory tests, it can be said that:

The bacteria found in your vaginal discharge are bacteria that normally are in the vagina and function to maintain the pH balance of the vagina

Nugent score is a score used to determine the condition of normal bacteria in the vagina. Normal conditions are stated if the score is 0-3.
The examination found no trichomonas fungus or parasite

Based on these results, it can be said in general that the results of your examination are normal, so it can be said that your vaginal discharge is included in the category of normal vaginal discharge, where this vaginal discharge does not require drug therapy.

For now, all you have to do is maintain the cleanliness of your female area, especially during menstruation. Avoid using feminine area cleansing soap especially those that have fragrances. Avoid stress, do regular exercise and get adequate rest every day.

If complaints continue to be felt and are accompanied by itching, vaginal discharge becomes smelly, discolored, accompanied by abdominal pain or the amount that comes out becomes much more than before, it is advisable to check the complaint again to the doctor.

I hope this helps.

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