Explanation Of The X-ray Results?

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Illustration: Explanation Of The X-ray Results? radiologyassistant.nl

Afternoon doctor … I want to ask the results of my friend’s X-ray of my friend.Fracture communutive in 1 / 3distal OS radius with displacement and sorthning accompanied by soft tissue swelling around the bone. thanks.

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The X-ray of your friend's hand found a comminutive type of fracture (meaning there is more than 1 fracture in a bone or broken bone into several segments) and a fracture in the radius of your friend's bone is accompanied by a shift in the bone (the ends of the fracture are not fused) and shortening of bones. Around the broken bone also found edema or swelling in the soft tissue (common when there is tissue injury including bone tissue). X-rays also found osteopenia, a condition in which there is a decrease in bone density that causes bones to become weaker (more easily broken) even though it is not as severe as osteoporosis.

We recommend that your friend immediately consulted an orthopedic doctor. A fracture condition such as that experienced by your friend is very highly not recommended to be handled alone or handled by a broken bone shaman because the fracture condition is quite severe (fracture comminutive and accompanied by shifting and shortening of bones). Coupled with the condition of osteopenia experienced by your friend, the possibility of healing bones without surgery can be said to be very small and without proper management of your friend's bones may not be connected, or if connecting, the possibility of connecting will not be good. The possibility of complications such as injury to blood vessels and nerves around the fracture is also quite high in this type of fracture.

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