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good afternoon Dr., I am a woman of 23 years old, yesterday thorak photo with the following results: sinus siagfragma and good cast, pulmo: appearing intercourse in the right and left cardials, impression according to the description of brochopeneumonia (how clinical?)

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Hello Ab Ines,

Thank you for your question on HealthReplies.com.

Based on the results of your radiograph, it says that you have bronchoprum. The condition of bronchopneumonia is a condition of infection and inflammation of the lung. Usually the smallest part of the lung will be filled with pus due to the infusion. Bronchopneumonua more often affects children, if an adult it will change the diagnosis to Peneumonia.

Pneumonia can be caused by bacteria or viruses, pneumonia caused by bacteria can be marked by breathing when breathing, coughing with yellow or green phlegm, headache, difficulty breathing. As for pneumonia due to viruses can be characterized by fever, chills, chest pain, decreased appetite and cough with phlegm or dry cough.

Pneumonia generally affects people who have low immunity, have previous chronic illnesses, smoke and are often hospitalized.

Apat pneumonia is associated with the epidemic COVID-19, or often called Chinese pneumonia. COVID is a viral infection that can cause viral pneumonia. Viral pneumonia will generally improve if the immune system improves. And it will be dangerous for older people over 50 years, parents who have Diabetes, hypertension and HIV sufferers.

Do isolation for more than 14 days, and still consume nutritious food, consume multivitamins including vitamin C, wash your hands diligently using soap after activity and do not touch your face when you have not washed your hands.

If there is a fever and shortness of breath, then immediately come to the doctor to carry out further tests,

May be useful. Always healthy 😊

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