Explanation Of Twin Pregnancy In An Ectopic Pregnancy?

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5thn ago I had an ectopic stomach. I felt like there was a really hard brick, vomiting and drinking food came out again, I just knew I looked ectopic in 1 month. Then I had surgery after 1 week more at the hospital, said my husband’s twin children because I still couldn’t have anything and after recovering I didn’t even ask questions at check-up I didn’t ask because of trauma, and now after seeing this thread I realized that my fallopian tubes may have lost one of them, I haven’t seen the doctor again to check, but if the fetus twins in an ectopic pregnancy are they in the two fallopian tubes because of twins? Is there only one? I also don’t know that I’m pregnant with an ectopic fallopian tube or in the abdominal cavity because the incision is rolled under the udal above the lower abdomen, not horizontally, the question is if the ectopic twin fetus is in both fallopian tubes or one that is cut off?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. To answer your question, it is necessary to understand what an ectopic pregnancy is and how the mechanism of twin pregnancy. Starting with an ectopic pregnancy, an ectopic pregnancy is a condition of pregnancy outside the uterus. The specific location can be in the fallopian tubes, can be in the abdominal cavity, can be in the cervix, or anywhere as long as not in the uterus. This condition can be dangerous because there are no organs that are designed to be able to compensate for the growth of the fetus other than in the womb.

This condition is unknown cause, but the risk is increased in those who:

Having an ectopic pregnancy in a previous pregnancy.
Have recurrent miscarriages
Have had surgery on the abdominal and pelvic area.
35 years of age or older while pregnant.
Have a history of pelvic inflammation and endometriosis.
Use a type of spiral contraception.
Have a smoking habit.
Have undergone treatment related to fertility problems.
Suffering from sexually transmitted diseases, such as gonorrhea and chlamydia.

If left unchecked, the pregnancy sac may break and if so, the life of the mother could be threatened. That is why, ectopic pregnancy must be terminated, or stopped.

Then regarding twin pregnancies, twin pregnancy there are two types. Some are called identical twins, and some are called not identical twins. In identical twins, a sperm cell fertilizes an egg like a normal pregnancy, but on its journey, the results of fertilization are split into two, and become physically identical twins. The connection is in your case, because this comes from one cell that divides into two, it must be located close together so it seems impossible to be in the two fallopian tubes.

In non-identical twins, two eggs are fertilized by two sperm cells. Therefore, twins who are not identical are not the same because they do not originate from the same egg cell. In relation to your case, in this condition it might be far apart.

So in the end, you still have to ask your doctor about your condition because everything is possible. Our advice, check with your obstetrician to be understood about your present condition, and with your doctor and husband, discuss together the next steps what will be taken. So, hopefully answering your question.

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