Explanation Of Vaginal Swap Test Results?

Illustration of Explanation Of Vaginal Swap Test Results?
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I did a vaginal swap yesterday and test direction..and the resultrnTPHA : non reactivernVdrl : 1:2rnIgG anti HSV 2 : 0.23rnIgM anti HSV 2 : 0.29rnHIV 1 /2 : negativernGram : 8-10/LPB epithelial foundr1-2/LPB leukocytes were foundrMany gram-negative rods were foundrnA few gram-positive coccus bacteria were foundrnFungus : negative rnMy complaint is that a greenish discharge comes out every time I finish having sex with my husband and it’s in large quantities..no complaints of itching or smelling…just feels very sore when having sex. Please inform me about my lab results.rnBecause my doctor initially said there was no need for a lab test..I was only given oral antibiotics and antibiotics that were inserted into the vagina..but I insisted on doing a lab test to find out the health condition of my vagina. Finally I was given a referral and the result was like that earlier.rnThank you…

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Hello, Wati, thanks for asking HealthReplies.com.

Vaginal discharge is normally clear and odorless. If the fluid becomes colored (such as yellowish, greenish, foamy) and smells, it indicates an infection. Green discharge from the vagina is a symptom of a parasite infection called Trichomonas vaginalis. Other germs that can cause vaginal discharge are chlamydia, gonorrhea, bacterial vaginosis, and yeast. In addition to in-depth interviews and physical examinations by doctors, to support the diagnosis, it is advisable to carry out a laboratory examination to find out what type of germ is infecting. Usually, lab results include the name of the bacteria or parasite that causes vaginal discharge.

Your doctor will check for:

1. TPHA and VDRL (to detect syphilis infection) which show that you are not infected with syphilis (non-reactive),

2. IgG and IgM anti HSV2 (to detect the presence of herpes virus infection 2). Usually the lab results are listed as positive, negative, or borderline.

3.    The HIV test is negative, indicating that you are not currently infected with HIV.

4.     Grams from the vaginal swab showed no yeast infection and bacteria were found in the vaginal discharge. However, it should be noted here that in the vagina there are bacteria that normally exist in the vagina to maintain vaginal acidity and fight bad bacteria, namely Lactobacillus. These bacteria are gram-negative rods. Usually at the conclusion of the laboratory examination, the name of the suspected bacteria is listed according to the characteristics already mentioned.

Laboratory tests are sometimes needed to support the diagnosis, but laboratory tests are not the only determinant of the diagnosis. The diagnosis can be made by collecting data from the patient's complaints and symptoms, direct physical examination, and supported by laboratory tests. According to the results of the consultation and physical examination conducted by your doctor, and assisted by supporting examinations, your doctor has given medicine according to the results of the examination. So, my advice is:

1.    take and use the medicine given by your doctor regularly and until it runs out

2.     control to the doctor as recommended. If the complaint gets worse, immediately consult a doctor.

3.      Maintain genital hygiene: washing the genitals with clean water (no need to use feminine soap) from front to back

4.    preferably during treatment do not have sex first

5.     If your husband / sexual partner has the same complaint or pain during sex, pain when urinating, yellowish discharge from the genitals, there are lumps or sores on the genitals, then immediately consult a doctor.

That's it, I hope it's useful.

Regards, dr. Sarah Rizqia.

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