Explanation Of Vertigo And Dyspepsia?

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Hello, I want to ask. Yesterday I experienced changes in body temperature very quickly. what feels on the back of my back feels hot, and after a few minutes I feel very dizzy. Dizziness is very heavy on the right head. After continuing for about 1 hour, I experienced nausea and nearly vomiting accompanied by vertigo that recurred simultaneously. I checked with the doctor and was diagnosed with Densind X: vertigo + byspepsi 2. Please explain in more detail about the disease and how to overcome it … thanks

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before you know where your illness diagonsa whether the doctor immediately said or you saw the doctor's writing with unclear actually there is no diagnosis that you mentioned, maybe you mean the diagnosis is "dx (medical diagnosis): vertigo + dyspesis"

where vertigo is a condition that makes the sufferer experience dizziness, to feel himself or his surroundings spinning. whereas dyspepsia is a collection of symptoms that appear and can cause discomfort in the upper abdomen. Symptoms are usually felt abdominal pain and bloating. Dyspepsia can occur in anyone.

You should consult your doctor again to find out more clearly about your illness and if your complaints get worse you should immediately see a doctor.

There are several things you can do to prevent it

recognize the triggers of vertigo when relapsing and avoid these triggers
sleep with a higher pillow
eat small amounts but often to avoid your dyspepsia
avoid spicy, sour and gassy foods

Thus the info I can give

hopefully can help

thank you

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